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the idea

The MASKerAID is a beaded necklace that connects to your mask making it easy to wear. You can wear your mask as usual, but then conveniently pull it down when you don’t need it and have it stored comfortably out of the way.


My name is Jonah and as part of my upcoming Bar Mitzvah on June 12, 2021, I started MASKerAID as a service project to raise money for a cause that is important to me.


By spending my time making and selling these MASKerAIDs, I am helping to solve a current issue and also using the proceeds to help out people who are in need of food (a growing concern during this time).


I will be donating all proceeds from the sales of MASKerAIDs to Jewish Family Services (JFS). JFS has a food pantry that serves thousands of needy residents here in Kansas City.


The money I donate will specifically be used for their “Kesher KC Care Bags” that people can give out to those in immediate need. In fact, I helped bring the Kesher KC Care Bag program to KC after seeing a similar concept in another community and suggesting that JFS consider the program.   

a great deal

These handmade custom-designed MASKerAIDs are $15 each with 100% of the proceeds going to JFS. I have raised over $7,000 to date! This has far surpassed my original goal of $1,800 for JFS and the project is still going strong.


The inventory of these craft MASKerAIDs is continually changing. Please place an order and see designs through the link below.

new designs are being made all the time

please share ideas and feedback

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